Tarot in Psychotherapy

Yes, You read that correctly. I am a Licensed Psychotherapist and I incorporate tarot in psychotherapy as an intervention when it is clinically appropriate. I utilized tarot differently than what you see in the movies or mainstream media. I am not a fortune teller and I am not a mind reader, so I am not predicting your future. Tarot is only utilized from me from a psychotherapy approach.

Why Tarot in Psychotherapy?

Because I am a Licensed and Integrative Psychotherapist, I enjoy merging my love of both holistic practices and clinical interventions to help piece what may feel broken or stuck in the individual. You are the expert in you. When tarot is brought into psychotherapy, it is used as a supportive tool for you to learn how to effectively go inward for guidance. The cards guide the right questions. Tarot in Psychotherapy combines various professionally research modalities such as Jungian (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Analytical Psychotherapy), Narrative therapy, & Gelotology, in order to provide my clients with a holistic experience.

Tarot in Psychotherapy allows clients to tell their story through images, and explore their thoughts and feelings associated with those feelings, and with the assistance of the therapist help able to dive deeper and process these feelings and memories. By utilizing this intervention, allows the clients to explore issues that may not be uncovered in one single traditional talk therapy session.

Disclaimer: Tarot in Psychotherapy is not suitable for everyone or every situation. If you are interested in this modality, I will need to assess whether tarot in therapy is clinically appropriate for you and your situation. This assessment can be done at least one session prior to beginning tarot in therapy