Meet Our Team

Favorite Quote: " How you gonna win when you ain't right within?" Lauryn Hill

 La' Toya "Nicole" Edwards, LCSW
Clinical Director & Lead Therapist

Are you the strong friend, but sometimes feel that you have no one to lean on? Having relationships issues, hate your job, or need help navigating this thing called Adult-ing? I enjoy working with individuals who appear to be whole, yet feel lost and unseen; I address the impact that both trauma and healing have on the WHOLE person. Providing out the box therapy, with a holistic twist, I infuse humor, reiki, yoga essential oils, and realness. I have dedicated my life to helping Millennials, Gen Zs (ages 16- 45), and their families break generational curses.

​I practice a mind, body, and soul approach. Meaning, I address the person and their environment, helping young adults get their whole life! I am not a nod and smile therapist. I roll up my sleeves with you, and together we come up with solutions to tackle this thing called life. There are going be times that you are not gonna like me, but a part of therapy is unpacking and revealing some things that we oftentimes try to mask and hide. My goal is to work along side you and help you become a better person than when you started with me.

Favorite Quote: "Define who you are and what you are, and be clear on that. Meditate on that and then, live..."  Nipsey Hussle

Sheryl Dunn, LCSW

Being a native of Suffolk, Virginia, I felt it was imperative to initiate my career and community service in the Hampton Roads area. I have worked in the capacity of a case manager for a local Community Services Board servicing individuals with dual diagnoses: substance use as well as serious mental health disorders. Thereafter and intermittently I have had the honor to work as a medical social worker for hospice agencies. I have also worked as a care manager for a high level hospital system prior to transitioning to become a care coordinator for a managed care organization.

Therapy has always been a passion of mine. It is a privilege to have others entrust their thoughts with me. Once I had the opportunity to see the powerful impact therapy can have on folks I have felt compelled to return to private practice.

I attended the prestigious Norfolk State University for undergraduate and graduate studies in Social Work. I look forward to further advances in my studies not only for myself but the well-being of populations I have the pleasure to work with.

Favorite Quote: "Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong."  - Mandy Hale

Toi Harris, M.A., Resident in MFT​

I am a graduate of both Saint Leo University and Regent University. I hold a B.A. in Psychology and a M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy. I am a Resident in Marriage & Family Therapy. I utilize a solution-focused perspective coupled with a calm spirit that helps clients feel centered. I enjoy helping clients discover their strengths while highlighting how their thoughts and feelings contribute to their daily living and functioning. I am passionate about marriage, at-risk youth, and military communities. I enjoy working with individuals, couples, adolescents and adults. I believe relational intelligence is the key that unlocks our greatest potential. Therapy can be a huge step, therefore I find it important to build a relationship with you as my client by getting to know you and your experiences while enabling and empowering you to identify the change you would like to make.

When I am is not helping clients, I serve as an Active Duty Sailor and full-time mom. I enjoys reading and exercising with my family. I am grounded in Christianity and I am no stranger to prayer.

Toi also provides pre-martial and life coaching services.

Favorite Quote: "If you scared to take chances, you will never have the answers."  - Nas

Michael Tinsley, LMSW

I am a Graduate of Howard University and UNC Charlotte, I have a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work.  I have a passion for working with individuals, couples and families who seek change to become happier, healthier and gain control over obstacles that are weighing them down.  I have several years of experience in working with children, adults, and families, on a broad array of issues ranging from depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADHD, schizophrenia, substance abuse and trauma.  I provide culturally competent care and use a Strength Based Approach when working with clients.  I also specialize in helping African American males deal with oppressive systems and obstacles.


Favorite Quote: "It's easy to hear the voices of others and often very difficult to hear your own. Every person you meet is going to want something different from you. The question is: What do you want for yourself?"   - Beyoncé Knowles

Ashley Wright, MSW, Supervisee in Social Work​

Ashley is a graduate of Norfolk State University, holding both a Bachelor's and Master's of Social Work. As a native of the city of Portsmouth, Ashley has always possessed the desire to help others. She has worked with children, adolescents, and adults providing therapeutic individual, group, and/or family psychotherapy with varying mental health diagnosis.

Ashley is a licensed eligible Clinical Therapist with the experience of working within community-based services, school-based services, residential treatment, jails, acute-inpatient treatment, and managed care organizations. She is committed to assisting clients to learn how to heal/cope with a wide range of issues such as : anxiety, depression, trauma/ PTSD, anger management, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), social skills, grief and loss, substance abuse, and relationship issues.

Overall, Ashley enjoys empowering others and engaging people in the process of positive change. Through her strength-based approach, she strives to assist children, adults, and families maintain their stability and is committed to providing effective, evidenced based treatments services to various populations by promoting healing and growth.

Favorite Quote: "Nothing will work, unless you do." - Maya Angelou

Courtneí Brockington , MSW, Supervisee in Social Work

I consider myself to be a compassionate and hard-working individual who has a heart for helping people. My work experience includes working with children and teens in both in- home, inpatient, and residential settings.

Born in New York, but raised in Virginia, my passion involves working with individuals, couples, and families who struggle with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, ADHD/ADD, adjustment issues, work-life balance, grief, relationship issues, and trauma. I also love conducting group therapy sessions because there truly is healing in community.

Coming to therapy for the first time can be intimidating and/or scary. When approaching therapy, My goal is to work collaboratively with you so you do not feel like you are walking alone during this journey. My second goal is that during our time together you feel empowered, challenged, and motivated. I use a strength based approach, where I infuse CBT, DBT, and solution focused therapy to help you overcome barriers.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Minor in African Studies from Howard University and a Master Degree in Clinical Social Work from Norfolk State University.

Favorite Quote - "A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman but a beautiful woman with a brain is a lethal combination." - Armirah

Armirah Stephens, M.A. , Resident in MFT

Inez Beverly Prosser, Dr. Mamie Phipps Clark, and Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum. Names that sparked my interest in becoming a clinician. During my time at Spelman College, I studied the work of these women and how they made their mark in mental health for people of color and knew that I wanted to leave my own mark on mental health through my work as a clinician. I am a graduate of both Spelman College and Syracuse University. I hold a B.A. in Psychology and a M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy. I am a Resident in Marriage & Family Therapy. My targeted theories use when I provide care is narrative therapy and strategic therapy. I utilize these two forms of therapy the most because I believe that everyone has their own story to tell and mapping out that story through counseling can be helpful to individuals who need assistance on navigating to the next chapter in their life. The thing that I enjoy most from working with clients is assisting them to tap into the resilience that lies within them. While also observing their progress and tap into the strength that it takes for them to continue their personal narrative. I am most passionate about couples, military communities, and families. During my free time, I enjoy making candles and spending time with my family and friends.

I think it captures the essence and end goal of the therapeutic process. Choosing therapy is choosing yourself with or without support.

Favorite Quote:""I'm choosing me. I'm choosing Olivia. And right now, Olivia is dancing. Now you can dance with me, or you can get off my dance floor. I'm fine dancing alone."" -Olivia Pope from Scandal

Tedra Ballard, MSW

Tedra Ballard, a Virginia Beach native, currently operates as a master's level clinical social worker. In 2020, she achieved her Bachelor's in Psychology and Human Services from Old Dominion University followed by her Master's in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. Throughout her time in academia, Tedra excelled in several leadership roles as a dynamic public speaker, organized public events coordinator, passionate social advocate, inquisitive researcher, sympathetic youth mentor, dedicated academic coach, compassionate case manager, and psychoeducational group facilitator. She's also worked heavily within the realm of education for 8+ years, providing academic lessons and support to individuals from preschool to undergraduate studies. Tedra is passionate about working with youth, teens, and young adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, work-life balance, relationship issues, low self esteem, ADD/ADHD, and social skills.

As your therapist, Tedra will challenge you to identify and pursue notable areas of change. Tedra values an empowerment approach with her clients, which calls upon people to discover and utilize personal strengths against major challenges. In addition to an empowerment-based approach, Tedra will formulate a therapeutic approach tailored to your specific needs/experiences. Her overall career goals center around the deliverance of trauma-informed mental health care to underprivileged populations, the conduction of targeted research to influence necessary social policy change, and the promotion of collective actions against unjust systems. Tedra is also trained in Internal Family Systems, CBT, Narrative, and Solutions Focus Therapy, to name a few. Tedra is also a proud graduate of the Thriving Well Executive Internship Program.

Monica Manley, MSW

I am a graduate of North Carolina A&T with a bachelor's in social work as well as a graduate of the University of New England with a Master's in Social Work. I have worked with children and adolescents since I can remember from babysitting, to after school care, therapeutic day treatment, and child and adolescent case manager. I have conducted group and individual sessions with adolescents. Beginning this journey is a dream come true and I will make sure to give my best self to those I come in contact with. I've always had a soft spot for children, I want adolescents to be their best self and most importantly have the foundation needed to process what they are feeling and understand their feelings are valid no matter what people may say or think.

Overall, I enjoy being in the presence of children and adolescents, they keep me updated with all the new dances as well as slang used. I am super excited to begin this journey and I pray my services will help those I come in contact with. When I am not working as a therapist, I am spending time with my family and coaching. Working with me is a team approach, where you never feel alone.

"Turn your wounds into wisdom."
-Oprah Winfrey

LaToya Holliday, MSW, MA

Funny, professional, and compassionate are words that come to mind when you think of me. Hello, my name is LaToya Holliday and I am passionate about helping individuals become their best selves. I feel that therapy can help to address traumas and create a positive change. I believe that showing compassion, being empathic, and being a good listener is a part of the therapeutic process when working with clients. I enjoy working with individuals with diverse backgrounds and have over ten years of experience working with the LGBTQIA and HIV population. I am a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Master's in Social Work and Norfolk State University with a Master's in Urban Education. I will focus on utilizing a holistic approach and incorporating evidence-based practices which strengthen the therapeutic experience.

Favorite Quote:" Fear, uncertainty, and discomfort are your compasses for growth." -Barack Obama

Jasmine Johnson
Master In Counseling Intern

I am a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and is currently pursuing a master's level clinical mental health counseling degree from William and Mary. I have experience in intensive in- home counseling, providing both individual and family counseling to individuals with ADHD, depression, and PTSD. As a native of the Hampton Roads area, I am eager to help individuals see the light at the end of the tunnel in the midst of struggles and issues that arise in life. As a therapist intern, I strive to provide a collaborative yet creative approach with clients to navigate through the therapeutic journey. I have an interest in working with those who have experienced trauma, depression, PTSD, and military communities. While I do not operate from an specific approach, I will pull from a variety of therapeutic approaches and techniques to best align with your needs and goals.

Rickkita Riddick, BSW Intern
Care Coordinator

I am Rickkita Riddick and I have a strong passion for helping others. I am currently a senior at Norfolk State University pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Social Work. I have a strong commitment to community service and development. I have tenured experience in working with youth in a residential setting with mental disabilities and behavioral issues. In addition, my strengths are empowering, educating, and elevating people from all walks of life using various activities under therapeutic modalities. I look forward to contributing to your success in your therapeutic goals.

Rickkita is the 2022 NASWVA's Student of the Year. Her heart for the community has been recognized as ACHI community leader of the year in 2019 and she was recognized by Ellen Degeneres in October 2020. Rikkita will be helping you with resources, groups, and workshops on topics and issues that are relevant to the community.

Holistic Emotional Support Animal

I am a long hair miniature dachshund, and my mom is La' Toya. I can sense distress, depression, and anxiety in clients. If you want me in a counseling session, I am there to provide non-judgmental support and soft ears to scratch and I can peek my head into the camera during the session if you ever need me virtually. My favorite way to show support is to offer my paw. I just want you to know you are not alone on your journey to healing and this 4-legged soul just want you to know you matter!

My favorite forms of self-care are hide and seek, yoga (downward facing dog and Savasana), sitting by the mat and watching clients do yoga and/or receiving reiki, tug the rope, snuggling, and chasing or chewing a good stick.

Fun Fact: My name mean wild child and gentle soul and I live up to it every day of my life.


Favorite Quote:" Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." -Maya Angelou

Milaka Owens, BSBA-BM, MBA
Intake Coordinator & Office Manager

Warm, kind, and southern hospitality is what you get when you receive a response from Milaka.

Milaka Owens is the Intake Coordinator and Office Manager with Thriving Well Holistic Wellness Solutions. She will be the first person you come in contact with before you see your therapist. She brings over 10 years of administrative experience in office and business management. Milaka graduated with a BS in Business Administration and Management from The University of Southern Mississippi, as well as her Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Belhaven University.

Milaka has a passion for helping others and a love for all things having to do with organization. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children and traveling.

I chose this quote because I believe with the work and passion that I give to my clients and the world, it makes a difference in their lives and in turn makes me a rainbow in their cloud. I try to cultivate loving kindness as a daily practice in my life. I tune in to my heart, practice empathy and use that empathy to connect to the people around me in a meaningful way. Even if it's just a small gesture, I still try to make a positive impact on their lives/business in some way each day.

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