Executive Internship Program

Here at Thriving Well we are committed to producing quality and great professionals in the field of social work and mental health counseling. We have developed our Executive Internship Program.

The Executive Internship Program is for 2nd Year Clinical students, specifically Master in Social Work and Marriage and Family Counselor Interns who are BIPOC (black indigenous people of color) and have a passion and desire to strengthen individuals, couples, and families.

Thriving Well is already known for not only providing quality services to our clients but also to our staff. The graduate level internship is an integral part of the social work and clinical training experience.  We offer monthly clinical group training and bring in expert clinical professionals in various treatment modalities to train staff to help them develop clinically so they can continue to be an asset to their client. Master Level graduate students are required to have over 600 hours of clinical training time before graduation. As a clinical director, founder, and therapist herself, La’ Toya finds that it is her duty and pleasure to pour into others as others have poured into her.

Clinical Interns at Thriving Well will be under the direct leadership of La’Toya, but also have the opportunity to shadow all Thriving Well therapists. During their internship here, our clinical intern will receive over 13 years experience between La’Toya and her staff who have worked in various clinical and community settings and a wide range of populations from birth to death. The clinical intern will be exposed to one on one career development, clinical writing, theories, clinical supervision, case staffing, and mentorship.